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"Voices of Taiwan" The Sandbox project raises awareness and interest in Taiwanese language.

The GameFi event "Bridge to Build | The Sandbox TW Meetup" was held in Taipei consecutively last week, attracting numerous blockchain gaming enthusiasts to discuss the innovative fusion of gaming and the metaverse.

Bridge to Build | The Sandbox TW Meetup

Hosted by The Sandbox, a leading platform that kickstarted the virtual land craze in the metaverse, the event attracted numerous game developers, passionate players interested in metaverse development, and industry professionals, all gathering to exchange innovative ideas on integrating gaming and the metaverse.

Highlights from the Bridge to Build | The Sandbox TW Meetup

During The Sandbox Meetup, Taiwan-themed works were shared. Jack, a creator from iFA Digital, introduced "Voices of Taiwan," a project created on The Sandbox, centered around Taiwanese culture. The creator stated:

"Voices of Taiwan" aims to raise awareness and interest in Taiwanese language. Through this experience, we outline the unique cultural aspects of Taiwan, including its rich Taiwanese culture, traditional puppetry art, and simple rural life.

He understood that a single experience might not make people fluent in Taiwanese, but if it can arouse interest and prompt people to seek understanding, it's enough to make Taiwanese culture shine on the world stage.

At the 'Bridge to Build | The Sandbox TW Meetup' event, creators shared their work 'Voices of Taiwan

Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, visited the iCan Entertainment’s headquarters and met with Fiona Hsiung, the president, and the production team.

The Sandbox also showcased its highly flexible creative environment and tools during the event.

Through The Sandbox's rich templates and resources, anyone can unleash their imagination and creativity, easily building their ideal virtual world.

Attendees expressed joy in having the opportunity to exchange insights and ideals with fellow creators who are also building gaming worlds in the metaverse, considering it a rare and valuable experience.

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